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Nodis rambles on

as(s) I am


Element: Nodis
Symbol: CL (Crazy Lady)
Discover: gothicfurby
Atomic Mass: unknown though she can be heavy to take
Occurrences: mostly in Nodisworld but also seen in Nightmareland
Physical Properties:
1. Surface extensively damaged
2. Boils when confronted with stupidity, freezes when exposed to lack of honesty
3. Melts when called bitch, cum guzzling gutter-slut or similiar
4. Bitter after return from Nightmareland
5. Found in various states from hysterically giggly over tremendous sarcastic to
utterly melancholic
6. Yields if tempted with chocolate sauce or Cloves
Chemical Properties:
1. Has an affinity to weird folk
2. Does not absorb meat
3. May spread hair explosion like without warning when exposed to Heavy Metal
4. Insoluble in liquids, but activity increases greatly by saturation in 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine
5. Most powerful sleep reducing agent known to herself
Common Uses:
1. Provision of selfmade Babysalami
2. Corruption of innocent girls (invention of flexibilitytests, etc.)
3. Pope of Church of Alan
5. Doordoggy of Nimhneach
4. Computervixen
1. Turns green by the mentioning of T-word and food
2. Turns red after exposure to sunlight
3. Turns yay by the sight of Lego and Robots [not to mention Legorobots;p]
The specimen is completely harmless. Exceptions are squirrely wraths reflected
to itself. For prevention, don`t expose to too much Doppelkorn or mirrors
and tie her hands to bedposts.